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Volume 9 Number 5 • ISSN 0896-4521


The Incredible Adventures of Kitto

Yuri Spilny

175 Private Rd.

E. Patchogue NY 11772

Beautifully illustrated with more than ninety original watercolors by Anna and

Nada Balzak, "The Incredible Adventures of Kitto" is a wondrous trilogy of fairytale stories that emphasize to their young readers that "every child is born to succeed".

Sorceress's Spell (1-892316-00-5) follows ten year-old Kitto as he incurs the wrath of the wicked Milady. Escaping Milady's powers via a flying dragon and aided by the good Fairy Sambhava, Kitto creates four magical toys who become Kitto's best friends. The Toynapers (01-3) finds Kitto bringing his toys to participate in The Greatest Toy Show On Earth, where Princess Daisy falls in love with them and her father makes Kitto his royal toy master -- only to see Kitto end up falsely accused of a terrible crime for which he is convicted and imprisoned. River of Fire (02-1) begins with a breathtaking escape for the now blind Kitto through the services of his good friend, the flying dragon. Aided by Fairy Sambhava once again, Kitto and his toys travel to the enchanted River of Fire. Together they encounter and overcome a variety of great dangers to eventually reach the Pearl Palace of a terrible wizard and ultimately obtaining a very special treasure. A highly recommended fairytale trilogy.

James A. Cox


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