Freedom Technique, Book Two. The purpose of this book is to provide some hints on pursuing true Happiness of Freedom. There is only one condition necessary to succeed. Your limited mind (“my mind”) will have to be educated, so that it gets unlimited and illuminated with the wisdom of self: the Pure mind.

Life is a Journey. It is not reaching to some destination, it is not a goal. Life is traveling, and traveling is the goal. Freedom is the only way to live, for it is final Happiness, an ultimate expression of Life, where all things are perfectly resolved.

First comes desire, it is followed by hope, by disappointment and suffering; then comes search. Search discovers love, and love becomes Love. With Love comes the simplicity of being in the “now” and joy that melts down desires. Your mind is educated when your entire past is transformed to Love. When it happens, Love becomes the leader, and the educated, aware mind follows its silent intuitive lead.

One day, all intellectual wisdom that was so helpful in the process of the search, meditation, releasing, teachings… will culminate in an awakening, and from this point on, our knowledge come from within. This experience will become ever deeper, more profound, and there will be no end to this experiencing. To the outsider, you are almost the same, but never again will you be able to find the old you. With this new understanding you keep traveling. Your life of suffering has become a life of Happiness. This is the Journey.

Nature makes no mistakes, because it doesn’t have a chaotic emotional-thinking process; it is not influenced by negativity of the subconscious, it is forever evolving, and always in a right direction. Negativity is rooted in a fear of death; it makes one blind in relation to reality of a particular situation. In the universe only the human mind – a miraculous creator of destinies – is making mistakes. When you leave the mind’s limitations behind, you know the way of Nature, you are in the flow.

Nothing has really changed except your point of view that shifted from desire to Love. Nothing has changed, except that you are experiencing reality of the world, which is a beautiful place to be, where everyone is a part of you. You keep traveling in this wonderful world, with no destination, nowhere to reach, nothing to gain, nothing to attain. You keep traveling… However, an inexplicable beauty of this traveling will make sense to you only when you are free.

There is always choice. You may choose a life of the crowd, and keep living by “my mind.” This means to live in the future, sometimes to live in the past, but not in the present. This also means to paddle against the stream, to live by concrete principles, to live with effort, to strain and know much suffering, with rare glimpses of happiness.

Sheep live in crowds, but the Lion moves alone. You can choose the way of the Lion and embark onto an unknown solitary adventure – the Journey. To be the Lion, you have to drop – transform to Love – all your attachments and aversions, all negativity and desires. And you will have to leave the crowds, whatever they are.

Negative emotions may seem to be very powerful, but they are powerless in the face of Love. Now your moving force is that of Pure mind, and Love is your guide – the universe is your home. This way was chosen by the few who had the courage to move alone. It provides no guarantees. You may go astray, you may die before you find your treasure, but that is the only way one grows. Change will happen, when you come to have confidence in Love and Life, and will make Freedom the goal of all goals, when you are ready to give up life for Freedom. Freedom will certainly happen, when leaving behind the mind’s limitations, desires and all effort, you plummet into the river of Life and let it carry you wherever it goes: to death or to the ocean of Freedom and Happiness.

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