Freedom Technique, Book One. “You can have, be, and do whatever you will or desire. The only thing stopping you is the accumulation of negative thoughts and feelings which you are subconsciously holding. Remove these, and you remove the blocks to your accomplishing whatever you wish in life. Remove these, and you will find happiness, satisfaction and joy beyond your wildest dreams. Remove these, and you are Free.” These few lines express the essence of Lester Levenson’s Releasing method that he proved with his life. The last chapter of this book is devoted to the Autobiography by Lester.

"This book is for your heart… In this book Yuri makes you ask yourself… Can I learn to trust something more than my own mind? Like Alice in Wonderland and her steps through the mirror am I really so close and still not seeing: ‘IT’ has been within me all the time? Why do I insist on hanging on to my mind’s guidance when it really knows so little about Life? Can I quiet my mind long enough to give my heart the first say in the rest of my life’s journey? I have found this to be a priceless exercise. And I am now embracing this journey that I have always been on but for the first time with an embracing of no limits to the volume of love I can contain. I’ve turned the mirror around and I see my inner self." Jill Sloan, Kernville, CA


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