What Children, Moms and Schoolteachers Say About The Incredible Adventures of Kitto

"These delightful multicultural tales by Yuri Spilny follow the adventures of 10 year-old Kitto, who travels the world with his four magical toys. Lavishly illustrated with original watercolor drawings and borders by Anna and Nadezhda Balzhak, the tales are reminiscent of the Brothers Grimm and appeal to the imagination of children everywhere."

Marie-Claire Kelin, Librarian, Lincoln Middle School, Santa Monica, California

"These books with their charming stories of Kitto and the beautiful illustrations will be books to hand down in families for generations."

William Clawson, English teacher, Santa Monica High, California

"I enjoyed your books "The Incredible Adventures of Kitto" very much. It was really creative and I loved the characters - especially Clementina. The illustrations were beautiful too. The story was so interesting and I really liked the ending."

Serena Park (13 years old), Los Angeles, CA


         "Children will delight in the adventures of Kitto and his fanciful friends. The lessons learned from the Fairy, Sambhava, will stay with them long after reading the story.

         It is a story that will inspire and empower children through its message that all children are born to succeed. It shows children that wisdom, as opposed to wealth, will lead the down the path toward success. "

        Lisa Smith, Fifth Grade Teacher, Los Angeles

"All the familiar elements of fairytales: toys that live, witches, wizards, dragons and a beautiful princess are found in The Incredible Adventures of Kitto, a new picture book fantasy series by Yuri Spilny. Kitto, loving and talented son of a toymaker, bravely meets all these challenges and many more in his quest to free his home, the kingdom of Kalamaria, from the evil influence of Milady.

"The text resembles episodic bedtime stories spun by a loving and creative teller, but it is the illustrations that set the books apart. Created by a pair of Russian artists, Anna and Nadezhda Balzahk, in vibrant, glowing colors, these vivid pictures fill entire pages. Like stained glass windows, they illuminate Kitto's adventures.

       Jeanne Avery, Head Librarian, Wildwood School, Los Angeles, California

"I just read "The Incredible Adventures Of Kitto" and I thought they were really good books. I also liked the illustrations a lot. I hope to meet you some day."                                                                  

        Daniel Gray (9 years old), Toronto, Canada

"The Incredible Adventures of Kitto" is a thought-provoking series, which expresses the importance of making sound moral choices when faced with life's dilemmas. It has a lovely text, and its beautiful illustrations are a feast for the eyes."

Christine Topham, Library Coordinator, Franklin Elementary School, Santa Monica, California.

"The Incredible Adventure of Kitto" is a tale of magic and adventure. The main hero, a young boy, is someone any child would want to aspire to become. He is not only good and wise, but also a very talented craftsman, creating toys that help about, sing and converse with one another. The illustrations are very elaborate and filled with a variety and richness of colors. The expressions are touching and would appeal to children of all ages. "

Heather lowe, Librarian, McKinley Elementary School, Santa Monica, California

"My children were riveted for three nights listening to the tales of Kitto. They loved the magnificent illustrations and were inspired and challenged by the philosophic ideas and values presented in these books. When the last book was over, they wanted to read more. I recommend them highly! "

       Writer Mom, New York


"The Incredible Adventures of Kitto", "River of Fire" is the last of the trilogy of folktales. Kitto's character beautifully expresses the precious values of human kindness prevailing in a world of greed and evil. The beautiful, detailed illustrations explode with color and visual magic! "

Sue Johnson, Third Grade Teacher, McKinley Elementary, Santa Monica, California

"Thank you very much for your wonderful books! What a beautiful story!

My husband Chuck, son Slavik and I enjoyed reading it."

Zlata Lund, Anchorage, Alaska


         "A terrific series for children. The superb, vibrant illustrations encourage

creativity and the positive story builds self-esteem. I highly recommend the Kitto books as material to read to and to be read by children. "

        EML, Psychologist, Los Angeles, California

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