Freedom Technique, Book Three. This book aims to give in brief space the principle requirements for attaining the true success. For the first time The Law of True Success is discovered, analyzed and explained in this book, based on true events, as well as on Andrew Carnegie’s unparalleled experience of true success. It aims to lighten your task by concentrating attention on several powerful essentials. When it is diligently followed, The Law of True Success will implicitly confirm your ability to create a life of true happiness and riches.

There is a tremendous difference between The Law of True Success revealed by Andrew Carnegie, and Law of Success that was used by all others who have risen from rags to riches. The difference can be summarized in two words: true happiness. In essence, The Law of True Success enables one to truly succeed through harmonizing the mind and heart – the very best of one’s material ability (thought and imagination are material) and spiritual quality (as Love is spiritual).

With The Law of True Success, Andrew Carnegie became the great steel master, built up a colossal industry, and amassed an enormous fortune. By 33 he had become the second richest man in America. To this day he is the world’s fourth richest man of all times. True love is the most important component of The Law of True Success. It was Love that enabled Andrew Carnegie to accomplish something incredible: he deliberately and systematically has given away the whole of his fortune for the enlightenment and betterment of mankind. It was this final step of loving kindness, understanding and compassion that resulted in Carnegie’s realization of true happiness.

It is not man’s greatness as it is perceived by others that matters most to the man himself, nor his achievements. Every U. S. president is perceived as a great achiever. Henry Ford, J. P. Morgan, J. D. Rockefeller and their like are believed to be great achievers. Yet, true happiness eluded all these men. In the end, it is only true happiness that matters to a man himself.

Andrew Carnegie was unique among men of all ages. In the thought that he had worked for the realization of certain ideals he discovered the secret of a serene and happy spirit, a characteristic which marked his life up to the day of his death.

                                          S.N.D. North, Editor in A Manual of the  Public Benefactions of Andrew Carnegie

True happiness is state of unbroken peace, which results in a serene and happy life. When it is achieved, we are beyond of negative influence. We are beyond influence of the subconscious because our entire past is transformed into Love. We are beyond influence of the world since its negativity finds nothing to relate to in our mind, as it is all but Love.

This book is not about how to become wealthy. It explains how to achieve a life of true happiness and wealth. The Law of True Success works regardless of the goal’s magnitude. It can be as small as a one-person business or as large, as Andrew Carnegie’s enterprise.

In order to begin your creative process your subconscious, your past memories must all be cleansed of negativity and transformed into Love, which will make you loving and accepting. You will acquire essential qualities of character necessary for business success. You will keep in your mind only what you want to see in your life of happiness and riches. A purified and loving mind will be relaxed and naturally alert. It is this “Carnegie’s state of being” that will help you discover great ideas and seize every opportunity that will benefit yourself and others.

The Law of True Success is easy to grasp: Love and Grow Happy and Rich. It is preparation, your key preliminary steps that are extremely important in order for The Law of True Success to work best for your goal for a life of Happiness and riches.

The material in the book is all factual. It is based on Andrew Carnegie’s life as well as on the events experienced by the author.

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