River of Fire 4River of Fire, the third book of the series entitled The Incredible Adventures of Kitto, begins with another breathtaking escape of the now blind Kitto via his good friend, the flying dragon.


 River of Fire 3


"Before leaving the city, they stopped at Kitto's house. "Mama," Kitto said tenderly, "every child is born to succeed. I will come back soon and everything will change for the better..."

River of Fire 1... Sambhava took a blue rose and transformed it into a transparent blue ball. "This ball will be your guide, Kitto," said Sambhava... Kitto threw the ball. It rolled, leading him eastward across the mountains, around the lakes and through great forests. As Kitto could not see the ball, Froggy led the way to the enchanted River of Fire. Together, they encounter and overcome many great dangers.

River of Fire 2After almost two years of incredible adventures, Kitto and the toys reach the Pearl Palace of the terrible wizard. Their goal - to obtain the most precious of all treasures known to man.

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